KulturCrew provides school children with a unique opportunity to develop skills such as responsibility and ownership allowing them to develop as organizers of cultural events, as cultural ambassadors and as human beings.

A KulturCrew will usually consist of 8-12 students who are responsible, in cooperation with the contact teacher of the school, for preparing and running cultural events in the school. This could be a theatre play, a concert, a dance show or other.

In this context the KulturCrew will typically be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Hosting– Students are responsible for contact with visiting artists before and after the event: they will receive them at the school and introduce them on stage etc.
  • PR- Students are responsible for advertising the event around the school, for interviewing the artists, perhaps write an article for the school magazine and take pictures for the school website.
  • Technicians– Students will help visitors with gear: carry it to the performance room, help with set up etc., and during the performance, they are responsible for light and other technicalities.
  • Organizers– The entire KulturCrew as a group can also be given the opportunity to participate in the more administrative tasks such as choosing which cultural events the school wishes to present as well as take part in the evaluation after the event.

In preparing the students for the task of being KulturCrew, they are all invited to participate in a day seminar with other KulturCrew from the local area, just as they and their teachers become part of the national KulturCrew network.

KulturCrew is inspired by the Norwegian initiative, “Students as Organisers”, and the Danish model is developed by LMS - Levende Musik i Skolen og Teatercentrum.

KulturCrew started out on one school in 2010. In 2016 no less than 90 schools across the country.


The Students as Organisers concept originated in Norway in 2006, and since then Denmark and Finland have adapted and developed the idea. In 2016 Sweden also joined in.

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